COVID-19 Support for Internally Displaced Persons Project

Due to insurgency in several parts of Northern Nigeria, there are over 2 million displaced persons in the country spread across IDP camps and host communities. In Abuja, there are 28,000 IDP’s residing in different camps in the city. In 2019, OAD sponsored the IDP Children’s Astronomy Outreach Project in Abuja, FCT. The camp has over 2500 inhabitants mostly living in overcrowded rooms and shared facilities, including the over 500 children that are benefitting from the solar powered learning hub installed in their camp ground.

Due to the fact that their facility is overcrowded leaves ground for easy spread of COVID19 virus if an index case arises in their camp. This project delivered a 5-point hand washing station in the camp, as well as, Posters in Hausa and English Language about the dangers of COVID19, precautionary measures and lifestyles changes that they should take into cognizance. Also, the project delivered hand sanitizers, disinfectants, face masks, other general cleaning supplies and food supplies. As part of the efforts in sustaining the solar powered learning hub, Android tablets and a Desktop PC were provided at the IDP camp.

COVID-19 Support for IDP’s video summary

Worthy of note is the fact that we partnered with the Skilled Women Initiative to train some women in the IDP camp to produce hand sanitizers. All the sanitizers distributed for the project were made in-house. The launch of the project was aired on National Television, NTA (Nigerian Television Authority)

We appreciate the IAU/OAD for funding this project and our partners at the National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons.


AstroArt Contest Winners Emerge

The winners of the AstroArt Contest for both Primary and Secondary categories have emerged. They are as follows:


  1. 1st Position, Primary Category- Cornelia Uzuezi Egbodor (+2348023160109)
1st Position, Primary category

MOTIVATION: This painting is an imaginative art of the first Nigerian astronaut to go to the moon. It shows that we as Nigerians can do anything we put our mind to do, and the sky is not the limit, but a checkpoint in our journey to the top. This is the visual representation of the saying,’Reach for the sky.’ The Nigerian flag on the moon signifies Nigerians leaving a significant mark, never to be forgotten, wherever we go.

2. 2nd Position, Primary Category- Okeke Priscilla (+2348034731961)

2nd Position, Primary Category

MOTIVATION: Most stories or movies show aliens as bad people but in this story An astronaut meets an alien and they quickly become friends and at that moment the astronaut was showing the alien some stars and their names.

3. 3rd Position, Primary Category- Obi-Ukpabi Einstein (+2348060039484)

3rd Position, Primary category

MOTIVATION: Whenever i imagine space i equally marvel at the cutting edge technology that encourages man on his curiosity. At home i sit paying apt attention to the Television screen i see large rockets boring holes in the sky, i see satellites and space probes, they are all amazing i also see how everyone in the mission control jubilates and jump for joy whenever a satellite arrives safely on Earth’s orbit. So when i heard about the competition i thought it would be a great idea to incorporate blasting off of rockets into my painting and i sure do hope it wins!


  1. 1st Position, Secondary Category- Ajibade Oluwatobi Taiwo Joseph (+2348036789714)
1st Position, Secondary category

MOTIVATION: What inspired me to do this painting was my dream to become an astronaut to discover more about space and UFO’s.

2. 2nd Position, Secondary category- Binogun Shulammite (+2348033042743)

2nd Position, Secondary category

I am in love with space, which makes most people consider me as a nerd. I consider space as place that is dazzling, complex but in apple – pie – order.
In my minds eye, I see myself in space, and I see space as a field where gravity is no king, filled with wonders like planets, over sextillion stars etc.
The most intriguing fact is that only 4 percent has been explored, the remaining 96 percent has not been seen, I think that’s amazing and I’ll love to explore its uniqueness and beauty someday.

3. 3rd Position, Secondary category- Chizitere Okorie (+2348033026136)

3rd Position, Secondary category

MOTIVATION: This image captures everything that makes our galaxy spectacular.

The planets – unique in their beauty, differing shapes and sizes. The stars look minuscule to the graceful sun but serve a similar purpose to other solar systems.

The odd-looking, outer-worldly aliens and their ships built to enter the earth’s atmosphere; and creatures feared because of their ability to consign us in jars; or feed us to their ravenous mutations.

The human inventions created for space exploration is the complicated telescopes for stars study; space shuttles; astronauts and NASA who never give up, but have through science conquered frontiers never before known.


We have equally great paintings as well from 4th to 10th positions in each of the 2 categories who will be getting consolation prizes. The motivation story behind each of these paintings are amazing!!! Entries were graded on the paintings and motivation stories.

Astro Art Contest (Deadline: August 15, 2020)

Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) Nigeria presents the maiden Edition of the Astro Art Contest for Elementary and High School kids in Nigeria.
The contest provides opportunities for kids aged 7-17 years in Nigeria to express their *Imaginations* of Outer Space in paintings!
The call for entries is now open!
The star prizes in this contest are SSVI homemade telescopes (Newton, refractor, two small spectroscopes). Other available prizes include Tablets, Solar glasses, Astronomy Hands on activities kits, NASA and OAD branded bags, AWB branded T-Shirts, among others.
For entries submission, painting should be done on an A4 sized paper accompanied with a short write up (not more than 150 words) describing the art work to be uploaded using the link:
Deadline is 15th August, 2020.

IAU President visits…

On Friday, May 24, 2019, the IAU president, Ewine van Dishoeck came on a working visit to the West African Regional Office of Astronomy for Development (WA-ROAD). She was hosted at the National Space Research & Development Agency, Obasanjo Space Center, Abuja, Nigeria.

Her first engagement was a closed door session with the management of the National Space Research & Development Agency and WA-ROAD. Astronomers Without Borders Nigeria organized a Space Science & Astronomy quiz for about 200 high school students, who were anticipating the chance to see the IAU president. After the meeting, she made a presentation that denoted,’We are all world citizens under the same beautiful sky,’ to a hall full of high school students, who eagerly anticipated the opportunity to listen to her. She had a barrage of questions from the students afterwards, and she gracefully answered every single question presented to her. After the question & answer session, she presented prizes to the top 10 students in the quiz competition.

The IAU president proceeded to the National Space Museum, where she was taken on a tour of the facility by the National Coordinator of AWBNigeria, Mrs. Olayinka Fagbemiro, and she inspected the WA-ROAD and AWBNigeria offices.