On the 7th of May 2022, the Astronomers Without Borders (AWB Nigeria) group held an outdoor star gazing activity to participate in marking the Global Astronomy Month ( GAM). This took place in Abuja Nigeria at the Jabi Lake Mall , a location with beautiful scenery which was very conducive for the event because it gave room for lots of people who visited the Mall to be able to participate in the star gazing event.
Many of the guests were seeing a telescope for the first time and had no idea that the moon looked quite different from how they viewed it in the sky with their plain sight. It was a moment filled with lots of “wow”s and “Aha”s. The Chairman of the Board, Astronomers Without Borders International, Mr. Tim Spuck who happened to be in Nigeria at the time also graced the event and took part in enlightening the audience abo

ut the marvels of space and the bodies/objects out there.

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