Lunar Eclipse + Strawberry Full Moon. What Holds For Africa.

Every year, our planet Earth is capable of experiencing  four (4) to seven (7) eclipses.
But this year 2020, we will experience only six (6) of them: four (4) lunar and two (2) solar eclipses.
We have already witnessed a penumbra lunar eclipse earlier this year on January 10.
This June month alone, we will experience two (2) of them, each of solar and lunar.
The lunar eclipse will occur on June 5th and the solar eclipse, on 21st.

Lunar eclipse occurs when Earth comes between the sun and the moon and its shadow falls on the moon.

There are three (3) different kinds of Lunar eclipse:

The total
The partial
The Penumbra lunar eclipse.

St. Virgo & Lumen Christi Academy visit to NASRDA HQ.

St. Virgo & Lumen Christi Science Academy from Mararaba, a conurbation town on the outskirts of the Federal Capital Territory, visited the Headquarters of the National Space Research & Development Agency on March 2, 2018. Both institutions have primary school pupils and secondary school students that were represented at the excursion. They took a tour of the NASRDA campus and had a presentation delivered to them on Space Science & technology and NASRDA’s exploits as a major driver of Space Science & Technology in Africa. They had the opportunity to see the models of Nigeria Sat-1 and NigComSat-1 satellites that were launched by NASRDA in 2003 and 2007 respectively. They received explanations on Rocketry and propulsion engines as well. Question and answer sessions ended their tour of NASRDA.